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Don’t miss this: Did Swansea teacher’s vocabulary assignment cross a line?

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▪ Why is a Swansea woman upset about her daughter’s vocabulary assignment? The parent thinks a High Mount School teacher went too far when he assigned a paper about Muslim words as part of a history assignment. The school’s superintendent said he’s only had one previous complaint about a lesson in his four years at the school.

▪ Collinsville area residents spent much of Sunday without power after a car accident took out a power pole. Click here to read the details about the crash and see how long people had to do without electricity.

▪ Searching for a job? According to reports, the metro-east is a promising place in which to find a good one. Expansions of area hospitals are causing the creation of new jobs in the region as are the opening of a FedEx distribution center the expansion of the Gateway Comerce Center, both in Edwardsville.