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Fairview Heights approves $15,000 raise for development director

Fairview Heights City Council members have approved a second, and lower, contract offer to retain economic development director Mike Malloy.

The Council approved a new contract Tuesday night by an 8-1 vote, with only Ward 1 Aldermen Dennis Baricevic dissenting. The new contract calls for Malloy to receive an $86,000-a-year contract through 2017.

“I’m glad to see it worked out,” Malloy said, after the vote.

The council members resoundingly voted against an initial offer two months ago. On Aug. 18, all but one of the members voted against a $97,000-a-year contract for Malloy. Many objected to the proposed 37 percent pay raise from Malloy’s previous $71,000 annual salary.

Malloy was hired by the city in 2011. He served in a similar position for the city of Belleville for 10 years until 2007.

The Council also approved a separation agreement for its city administrator, Jim Snider. Snider, who has served since June 2013, said he believes that the Council is ready for new leadership.

“It’s basically leadership style,” Snider said. “Basically, when you make recommendations and they’re not received by everybody, it’s like any relationship. It gets strained. It wasn’t working for them. So this is the path we took.”

Mayor Mark Kupsky said Snider will continue to work as city administrator until the end of next month. He said he is looking to possible restructure the position and search for a replacement within the next three to four weeks.

“I will be working with the Council to see if there are things they would like to see changed in the position and it’s our goal to see how to move forward later in the quarter,” Kupsky said.

“I really enjoyed my time here,” Snider said. “I felt it was really productive. I feel there’s a lot I accomplished.”

Said Kupsky, “Jim and I have worked very close together. He’s performed and done everything a city administrator should do. I wish him the best in his next opportunity and certainly appreciate what he’s done for the city of Fairview Heights.”