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Roger That: Seymour Johnson AFB to host new fleet of KC-46A air tankers

Mike Fitzgerald
Mike Fitzgerald

The U.S. Air Force says Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in eastern North Carolina has been selected to host a new fleet of aerial tankers beginning in 2019, according to Air Force Times.

The Air Force Reserve Command reported on its website Thursday that Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James announced the base near Goldsboro as the preferred host for the reserve-led KC-46As. The air tankers are expected to begin arriving in 2019.

*** is reporting that a court has ordered an Ohio-based auto finance company that specializes in loans for service members to repay about $2.28 million for engaging in illegal debt-collection practices, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Wednesday.

The order requires Ohio-based Security National Automotive Acceptance Co., which operates in more than two dozen states, to give refunds or credits to service members and other consumers, the statement said. The lender must also pay a $1 million penalty that will go to CFPB’s civil penalty fund, used to “make payments to people harmed by the illegal actions that give rise to civil penalties and who aren’t expected to otherwise get full compensation,” according to the agency’s website.


Air Force leaders released a five-year Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Strategy that will guide the Air Force in developing a robust prevention model while continually honing response capabilities, according to a statement from the Air Force public affairs office.

The secretary, chief of staff and chief master sergeant of the Air Force signed a foreword to the strategy charging all Airmen with the responsibility of preventing sexual assault.

“Sexual assault prevention is critical to the health, morale and welfare of Airmen and ultimately essential to Air Force readiness,” said Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James. “This strategy lays out the deliberate, science-based process we will follow to eradicate this crime from our ranks.”


Behind closed doors at the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate, scientists and engineers get to work on some pretty cool stuff.

An article on the military tech blog, spotlights the Tec Torch — an incredibly powerful tool that can generate a blade-shaped flame that rips through a half-inch steel bar in less than a second.

Reminiscent of Luke Skywalker’s light saber, the handheld torch weighs about a pound and is just 13 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter. Able to reach temperatures of around 5,000 F, the flame is propelled at a speed of around a mile per second.

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