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Roger That: Boeing and Lockheed Martin to protest Air Force’s stealth bomber contract

Boeing and Lockheed Martin are protesting the U.S. Air Force’s $80 billion decision to buy a new stealth bomber from their competitor Northrop Grumman as “fundamentally flawed,” according to DefenseOne.

The two titans of the defense industry argue that their bid was a better value and have asked the Government Accountability Office to review the Air Force’s decision. The Air Force sticks by its decision to choose Northrop to build what it calls the Long Range Strike-Bomber, or LRS-B.

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A new report on sexual abuse within the American military sheds light on male rape and assault—and how little is actually known about the issue. Rates of military sexual trauma, or MST, among men may be as much as 15 times higher than previously thought, according to the American Psychological Association, which published this new research in its journal Psychological Services, according to the website

The research article’s authors conclude that fears of being ostracized or not taken seriously may be to blame for this underreporting. “After experiencing MST, men may feel pressure to be ‘stoic warriers’ and may feel their ‘manhood’ earned through service has been stripped,” according to the authors.

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Under a $460 million contract that U.S. Cyber Command will soon seek bids for, computer code capable of killing adversaries is expected to be developed and deployed if necessary, according to contractors vying for the work and former Pentagon officials.

The federal government blog is reporting that U.S. troops would have the power to launch logic bombs, instead of traditional explosive projectiles, which essentially would direct an enemy's critical infrastructure to self-destruct.

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Mega retailer Walmart plans to spend $20 million in national ad campaign to call attention to the professional and personal struggles some veterans face once their military service comes to an end, according to Military Times.

The project is called Greenlight A Vet, and with prime-time national TV spots leading up to Veterans Day on Wednesday, organizers hope it will compel the American public to show greater support for the men and women who have fought two wars on their behalf while encouraging veterans to seek the support they may need.

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