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St. Clair County Public Building Commission approves MidAmerica consultant contract extensions

The St. Clair County Public Building Commission on Wednesday extended contracts with MidAmerica Airport cargo service consultants John Chang and Aziotics through June of next year.

Both are charged with helping develop charter air cargo service between MidAmerica Airport and international markets in Asia and Latin America.

Under the deals, Chang would be paid $10,000 a month for six months; Aziotics would be paid $4,500 a month for six months.

Contracts for both Chang and Aziotics were scheduled to expire this month without an extension.

“Mr. Chang is an excellent asset as the premier Asian airline expert in the United States at the level of cargo aircraft movements,” said Airport Director Tim Cantwell.

Aziotics provides market analysis and acts as a trade route negotiator between companies in the region and Latin America and China, Cantwell added.

In other business

▪  Revised service road project: Commissioners approved a revision of an airside service road project at MidAmerica. The project, originally approved in June, has had its scope expanded by the Federal Aviation Administration.

MidAmerica plans to build a service road next to its runway. The new scope of phase one of the service road is set to be more than 3,600 feet long. Previously the first phase would have been 1,000 feet.

The service road is planned in a subsequent phase to eventually extend around the south side of the runway.

The estimated cost is $1.4 million, with 90 percent coming from the federal government, 5 percent from the state, and 5 percent from local sources.

“Since our traffic is up, we’re getting a lot of problems trying to do any kind of maintenance on there,” Cantwell said. “We don’t want to have maintaining vehicles on aircraft surfaces. This is an excellent piece. It’s going to stop any kind of chance of runway incursion.”

Crawford, Murphy and Tilly inc. was approved to complete the professional services for the project.

▪  Increased wages for Airport Terminal Services: Commissioners approved a pay increase for Airport Terminal Services of 9.4 percent, according to airport documents.

Airport Terminal Services provides staffing for roles such as ramp agents at MidAmerica. The company is plans to increase starting pay for ramp agents to $10 an hour and fueling agents to $11 an hour. Currently the starting pay is $8.25 an hour.

“These new wages put us in a competitive position with the other companies that we compete with,” said Ingrid Braeuninger, vice president of sales and business development for Airport Terminal Services.

MidAmerica does receive revenue when Airport Terminal Services helps with commercial services, Cantwell said.

Cantwell said under the new agreement, MidAmerica estimates to pay Airport Terminal Services $147,500 in 2016. He said he budgeted about $151,000. The amount paid is based on the number of flights at the airport.

▪  Fountain repairs change order: Commissioners approved a change order for repairs to the south fountain at the courthouse.

The original price was $293,615 from Superior Waterproofing.

There was an additional concrete repair work of $9,857, bringing the project to $303,472, according to county documents.

“Now that they got the surface cleaned off, they were able to get an accurate count of all the cracks and all the concrete we have to replace,” said Jim Brede, director of buildings for the county.

▪  Parking lot upgrades: The PBC approved a contract with BRIC Partnership Consulting Engineers to do the engineer work for the installation of new barricades and payment/access control systems at county parking lots in Belleville.

The cost of the consulting work is set to be $17,380.

Brede said the consulting work is about 5 percent of the estimated cost of the project.

▪  Elevator work: The PBC approved a $29,700 contract with Superior Elevator Inspections and Consulting to prepare bidding documents and designs for an elevator upgrade project at the county courthouse.

Brede said he believes Superior Elevators work would represent 5 percent of the total cost of the project.