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Fairview Heights establishes Joint Review Board for proposed TIF

The Fairview Heights City Council took another step to establish a new Tax Increment Finance district.

On Tuesday night, the Council approved ordinances to establish a joint review board and schedule a public hearing for the creation of the North TIF 5 Development Project. Last month, the council approved a resolution to accept an eligibility study for TIF District 5 in an effort to help bring more business to a shopping center and spark adjacent development.

The proposed 115-acre area is located within a portion of the Fairview Heights Plaza, located on both sides of Ludwig Drive, as well as 72 acres of undeveloped land located north and behind the shopping center.

Fairview Heights Economic Development Director Mike Malloy said the public hearing and the joint review board will review the proposal. Malloy said a the Council could vote to adopt the TIF as soon as April 19.

Fairview Heights Mayor Mark Kupsky said the city has already heard from some developers interested in building in this new TIF.

“We really feel that the development of this TIF could take that whole corridor and make it our next growth area for the city,” Kupsky said. “So we’re excited about some of the various developers that we have talked to about some potential businesses that have expressed interest. So we look for great things to come in those areas.”

The council also approved the following:

▪  An ordinance authorizing the city to enter into a redevlopment agreement with Dirk Schaumleffel doing business as Illinois Undercar Services at 10712 Lincoln Trail in Fairview Heights.

▪  An ordinance approving a development plan for a bar at 832 Lincoln Highway

▪  A motion to appoint Charles Kassly to the proposed TIF 5 Joint Review Board

▪  A motion to appoint Linda Hoppe and Coery Sudja to the planning commission

Kupsky also announced that the remodeling of the front entrance at City Hall is expected to be completed by Friday morning. The entrance was closed in late September to create ramps so that it would be handicapped accessible.