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Don’t Miss This: Who is spying on Bethalto churchgoers?

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▪ A church member is under investigation after several unauthorized hidden cameras were found in Zion Lutheran Church in Bethalto.

According to police, an adult male was arrested on Christmas Eve in connection with the discovery of the cameras. He was released pending consideration of formal charges.

▪ Several Cahokia police officers have been hailed as heroes after they teamed up to rescue a pair of physically disabled people from a house fire.

A 57-year-old woman fell asleep while smoking on the sofa of her residence. Officers had to carry her out of the house while a 76-year-old man who uses a walker to get around had to be drug out of the house.

▪ A juvenile has been charged in connection with a Shiloh armed robbery.

Police said the suspect arranged online to meet the victim to buy an item of clothing. When the victim arrived, however, he showed a gun and threatened violence if the merchandise wasn’t surrendered.

The exchange happened at Whiteside Middle School.