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Belleville mechanic likes new home

Jerrod Davis
Jerrod Davis

Jerrod and Dorthea Davis have recently relocated their Belleville auto repair shop to a spot with twice the space — a property that is more than an acre. The couple have been the owners of Car Tech Automotive for the past three years, which had operated on 10th Street.

Jerrod Davis invited business writer Will Buss to his new garage to talk about his new venue:

Q: Why did you move?

A: “Our lease was up, so we wanted to find a place that was bigger. We looked at this place and the place next door and we talked to our bank and they said it was actually cheaper to buy it than to lease it, so that’s what we ended up doing.”

Q: How long have you been working as a mechanic?

A. “I’ve been doing mechanic work since 1989. I went to work for Car Tech 15 years ago. The owner finally got to the point where he wanted to pass it on. He came to us and asked us if we wanted to buy it. We weren’t in a position to buy it, but we figured this was a great opportunity and we scrounged and did what we could. Hopefully, we can get busy enough to where we can hire full-time guys. I have two part-time guys now, but it’s already getting busy enough to where I will have to hire a full-time guy.”

Q: How does your new shop compare to the old one?

A: “We’ve got four bays instead of three, now. We are going to put in a four-post alignment rack. I will be getting an alignment machine sometime in the near future, so I will start doing alignments along with the tires that we do now, which we have only been doing for about half of a year. I want to get a good alignment guy in here because there’s not really any good alignment techs in Belleville, in my opinion. So I’m ready to take everyone’s business. We’re going to try.”

Q: What would you like to see for your business next?

A: “I would like to see it get busy enough to where I can add to the building and then hopefully down the road, if there were an opportunity to buy another place somewhere to expand, that would be great, too. But that’s long-term down the road.”

Jerrod Davis

Job: Owner, Car Tech Automotive at 332 Centreville Ave. in Belleville

Outlook: “We have plenty of space to grow. The eye appeal is great and it’s a lot easier to find. The visibility here is huge.”