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Graffiti at Granite City school spurs police presence

Graffiti at Coolidge Middle School brought a heightened police presence to the school on Thursday, though details are not being released.

Superintendent Jim Greenwald confirmed that some graffiti was found late Tuesday at Coolidge. He would not release the specific nature of the message, but said it “dealt with overall safety at the school.”

“We always take safety first and foremost,” Greenwald said, calling the district’s actions a “proactive stance.”

There was no lockdown and no incident took place at the school, Greenwald said. There is a full police and school investigation going on, and there was an increased police presence at the school, which Greenwald said started a number of “unfounded rumors.”

“We’ve had a number of parents react,” he said. “Naturally anytime there’s something like this going on, we try to refrain from adding any unnecessary fuel to the fire.”

Granite City Police referred all comments to the school district. Greenwald said the culprit has not been identified and no disciplinary action has yet taken place.

“It will be business as usual tomorrow (at Coolidge),” Greenwald said. “The investigation will continue.”

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