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Death of 28-year-old in Clinton County attributed to flu

Kyle Norrenberns
Kyle Norrenberns

Clinton County residents on Friday were mourning the loss of a 28-year-old whose death was the apparent result of being struck with the flu.

Kyle Norrenberns, of Aviston, died Thursday evening at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Breese.

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Norrenberns had been taken to the hospital earlier in the day.

“We brought him in Thursday morning, about 1 o’clock, and that’s what they diagnosed him with,” said Norrenberns’ father, Ron Norrenberns, of Albers. Ron Norrenberns said hospital staff swabbed his son’s nose during that visit and conducted tests confirming he had the flu. Kyle Norrenberns was sent home with instructions to visit his doctor later and to take Tylenol, according to Ron Norrenberns.

Ron Norrenberns said his wife on Thursday called their son twice during the day — at about 10 a.m. and about 2 p.m. Both times, Kyle Norrenberns indicated he was doing alright.

But when Kyle Norrenberns’ girlfriend arrived about 3:30 p.m., he was vomiting and had severe diarrhea.

Ron Norrenberns and his wife arrived about 4 p.m.

“His face was almost purple. His lips were almost white,” Ron Norrenberns said. “His fingertips were white.”

His face was almost purple. His lips were almost white. His fingertips were white.

Ron Norrenberns, father of Kyle Norrenberns

They rushed him back to the Breese hospital.

“The doctors came back out, and said he had gone into cardiac arrest, and his lungs were filling with fluid,” Ron Norrenberns said. “They worked on him for a while. That was about it. They said he had a flu virus.”

Clinton County Circuit Clerk Rod Kloeckner said he saw Kyle Norrenberns, a longtime friend, on New Year’s Day in Albers.

“He seemed like the old Kyle Norrenberns. You wouldn’t have thought anything was wrong with him that day,” Kloeckner said. “I’m literally stunned. It’s just something that doesn’t register.”

He seemed like the old Kyle Norrenberns. You wouldn’t have thought anything was wrong with him that day.

Rod Kloeckner, Clinton County circuit clerk, who saw Norrenberns on New Year’s Day

Kloeckner said he played on softball teams for many years with Kyle Norrenberns, who worked for a lawn-service company. In high school at Breese Central, Kyle Norrenberns played on the basketball team.

Kloeckner described Kyle Norrenbers as “a fun-loving, do-anything-for-you kind of guy, just an all-around great kid.”

“If there was a good time to be had, he was there,” Kloeckner said.

Cheryl Lee, administrator at the Clinton County Health Department, said Friday afternoon that her office had not received an official report about the case, but she added that state health rules require the reporting of only certain types of flu cases.

Lee said there have not been any flu outbreaks in the area.

“We have not heard of any outbreaks in Clinton County or any surrounding counties,” Lee said.

Funeral arrangements for Kyle Norrenberns were pending at Nordike Funeral Home in Albers.

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