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Jury seated in double murder retrial; testimony to begin Tuesday

A jury was seated on Monday afternoon to hear the double-murder case against Randy L. McCallum, Jr.

McCallum Jr. faces first-degree murder charges for the shooting death of Kevin McVay and Charles Black, both of Washington Park.

This is the second time McCallum will go on trial. The first trial ended in a mistrial. At that trial, prosecutors played a 911 tape where Black can be heard naming McCallum as the shooter. Gunshots are heard on the tape. But after one juror held out against finding McCallum guilty, a mistrial was declared by St. Clair County Circuit Judge John Baricevic.

After that trial, McCallum, Jr., Dominic R. Hood and Anthony Moore, Jr. were charged with obstruction of justice. McCallum, the son of former Alorton mayor Randy “Rambo” McCallum, was also charged with forgery.

According to those charges, McCallum Jr. and Moore Jr. provided a false affidavit to McCallum Jr.’s attorney, Rick Roustio. The affidavit, signed by Moore, stated that it was Moore that killed Black and McVay. Moore is serving a 34-year prison term for attempted murder. He is set for parole in 2041. He will then have to serve a 20-year federal prison sentence for robbing a UPS delivery truck.

McCallum has been in custody awaiting his retrial.

Testimony in the case is expected to begin Tuesday.

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