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Pet of the Week: Samson and his big, floppy paws

Despite his large stature — and even larger paws — 6-month-old Samson is a very timid puppy.

Sporting a black and white brindle coat, including a couple of ‘white socks,’ Samson was picked up by the St. Clair County Animal Control as a stray. He was close to being another dog that never had the chance to find his home. That was until he was picked up at the Highland Animal Shelter by director Mary Parker, despite “having no room.”

“I didn’t even have space for him. I made space for him,” Parker said. “It just breaks my heart when they call me, especially for a dog like this.”

The mastiff-mix seems to be a combination of shy and curious. A quick sniff here and there to gain some new information is quickly followed by a glance of puppy dog eyes and rolling into a small submissive ball.

Samson is gentle with people and Parker thinks he was probably not given enough attention in his short past. Neutered and microchipped Samson gets along with other animals and would benefit roaming a large yard.

To learn more about Samson, visit the Highland Animal Shelter website or call 618-654-6067.

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