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Search in Fairmont City for missing East St. Louis man again comes up empty

The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department continues to search for an East St. Louis man missing since Feb. 25.

Allen M. Peters, 27, was last seen two weeks ago when he got into a disturbance at the Foodland store in Fairmont City.

“We don’t know why he hasn’t surfaced yet,” said St. Clair County Sheriff’s Capt. Scott Weymouth. He noted that since the missing man ran from authorities at the scene of the disturbance, he’s likely hiding as opposed to being lost or missing. “I don’t think he would be happy to be found,” Weyouth said.

Management of the store called police, and Peters ran into a wooded area, according to Weymouth.

Police and search-and-rescue crews looked for Peters on Saturday in the Fairmont City area, and again on Monday in the wooded area near the store at 8401 Collinsville Road in Fairmont City, where he was last seen.

Weymouth said searchers used a drone Monday and have previously used amphibious vehicles, officers on foot and other methods to search the area. He doubts Peters is still there. Despite their doubts, Weymouth said rescuers are duty-bound to search for a missing person. The fact that the area is heavily overgrown with tall weeds and brush makes the search process especially difficult.

Police and firefighters from across the metro-east have participated in multiple searches for the missing man.

Weymouth said Tuesday that rescuers don’t intend to call off the search. But he said there were no firm plans to go back to the wooded area where Peters was last seen.

“I don’t think he’s there,” Weymouth said.