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Sign business near Caseyville hopes to expand location

The owner of Signs ‘N’ Such, a home-based business, is looking to expand his building along Illinois Street near Caseyville.

The St. Clair County Zoning Board of Appeals recommended approval of the business’ plan to expand its building by 1,440 square feet. The current building is 1,200 square feet.

The owner wants to use the extra space for personal storage, but reserved the right to expand business operations into the space if needed.

“There is potential down the road we may want to use that for business purposes,” said Christopher Thomas, owner of the business.

“The business is all contained within the building we currently have,” Thomas added. “From where we originally started, yes we have grown a little bit. Not that we foresee that we’re going to grow exponentially in the next year or two, but as we all know, we never know what the future holds.”

With this construction, Signs ‘N’ Such would surpass the space of a home-use business and would need a commercial building permit.

“We’re just trying to tie everything all together at once to make sure we’re in compliance with everybody’s rules and regulations,” Thomas said.

Zoning Board Chairman George Meister said there is a potential issue if the business does grow.

“One of the potential problems I see, is if you get way too big, you are in a residential area,” Meister said. “If your future plans are to get much bigger, then you’re probably going to have to look someplace else.”

Thomas said he was aware of that possibility.

“If we were to outgrow this, we would understand that’s what happens,” Thomas said. “That’s our next move.”

The St. Clair County Board is scheduled to vote on the matter later in April.

Joseph Bustos: 618-239-2451, @JoeBReporter