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Aviation group plans meet-and-greet ahead of St. Louis air show

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation has scheduled a local meet-and-greet as a lead-up to its participation in the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show.

Local organizers are hoping to create a local chapter of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, said William MacIntire, foundation member.

The foundation’s president, Ed Clark, is scheduled to appear at the meet-and-greet, MacIntire said.

MacIntire said anyone can join and potential members don’t need to have served in the military or be a pilot.

“You just have to be enthusiastic,” MacIntire said.

The mostly-volunteer organization has about 2,200 members.

To attend, the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation meet-and-greet is scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday at the St. Louis Downtown Airport in Hangar 2 in Cahokia.

The foundation plans to have helicopters at the air show in Chesterfield, Mo., over the weekend.