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Pro football team now has ‘official science partner’

You’ve heard the plugs from brands before: Such-and-such beer is the official beer of the local ball team. Whatever-it-is is the official snack of the league that ball team plays in.

Taking sponsorships to a new level is the Minnesota Vikings, who Tuesday named 3M —the famed manufacturer of Post-it notes and Scotch tape— the team’s official science partner.

The title of “official science partner” might sound new, but the sponsorship itself actually makes a ton of sense for the team. That’s because 3M, which operates everywhere that’s not Antarctica, formerly was known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.


A whistleblower who formerly worked for Wells Fargo says the banking giant took $1.4 billion in federal foreclosure prevention funding despite knowing it lacked proper documentation of some customers’ mortgages.

The whistleblower is identified as Duke Tran, who was fired from Wells Fargo in 2014. Tran alleges Wells Fargo directed its employees to tell customers in danger of losing their homes during the recession that they had high payments due even though the company internally acknowledged documentation of the customers’ mortgages were “missing or nonexistent.”

Tran claims Wells Fargo was in violation of the False Claims Act, but the company has denied breaking the law.


Wages for American Workers are increasing at their highest rate since the end of the recession.

According to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, wage growth for April hit 3.4 percent above the same month last year. It’s the highest that metric has been since the middle of 2009.

Analysts have worried that workers might not feel the effects of a recovering economy because even though things improved generally, their wages have not meaningfully grown to keep up with the cost of living.

The 3.4 percent wage increase for April is still far short of the nearly-5.5 percent wage growth rate tallied in 1998 and 2000.