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St. Clair County commission approves parking garage work

The St. Clair County Public Building Commission on Thursday approved an expansion joint project at the county parking garage.

County officials approved having Superior Waterproofing & Restoration Co. carry out renovations to the expansion joints at the garage.

The work is expected to cost at least $110,125 and was about $3,800 cheaper than a bid from Concrete Strategies.

Work is expected to begin within two months and take about 30 days to complete, said James Brede, St. Clair County director of buildings.

The project also is planned to include replacement of bad concrete at a cost of an additional $575 per cubic foot. The area of the concrete, which is on the north side of the garage on the fourth level, is estimated to be about 5 feet by 5 feet, but has yet to be finalized, Brede said.

Workers won’t know how much needs to be replaced until they begin work.

Brede said the surface of stairwells and platforms next to elevators is concrete and the parking surface is asphalt. Connecting the surfaces are the expansion joints.

Water is beginning to leak through the expansion joints and is rusting the steel beams, Brede said.

Work is planned to take place during the evening hours, so it shouldn’t effect the flow of traffic, except for the area where concrete needs to be replaced, which will probably be closed off during the project, Brede said.

Brede added the concrete isn’t at a point where it is dangerous to people.

“We try to get ahead of the curve,” Brede said.

Joseph Bustos: 618-239-2451, @JoeBReporter