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Air Force ups contract with Boeing for weapons guidance kits

The U.S. Air Force announced Tuesday a dramatic boost to a contract it had awarded Boeing Defense, Space & Security in 2014.

The Hazelwood, Mo.-based spinoff of Boeing Co. initially was awarded a $1.7 billion contract to produce weapons guidance kits, but the Air Force modified the amount to $3.2 billion, stating higher demand for the products and the need to replenish inventories.

The work will last through most of 2020 and will be completed solely in Hazelwood.


Fallout related to faulty airbags manufactured by a Japanese company strikes again.

Ford announced Wednesday it was widening a previous recall of vehicles outfitted with airbag inflators made by the Takata Corporation.

Included in the expanded recall include 2007-2010 Edge models, 2006-2011 Fusion models, 2005-2011 Mustang models, 2007-2011 Ranger models, 2007-2010 Lincoln MKX models and 2006-2011 Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln Zephyr and Mercury Milan models.

Counting the models included in Wednesday’s recall, Ford has recalled a total of 1.9 million vehicles in North America related to the airbag issues.


Have you baked anything from scratch recently?

If you used General Mills flour, you should be aware of a current E. coli outbreak that investigators think could be traced to tainted flour.

Thirty-eight people in 20 U.S. states so far are sick, and authorities looking into the outbreak floated the idea that the bacteria had tainted flour after half of those patients reported having recently baked from scratch.

The good news is that tests so far haven’t shown E. coli in any of General Mills’ flour, but the company issued the recall anyway as a precaution.


Google stands to raise between $218 and $221 million if it sheds 371 million shares of Lenovo stock.

Lenovo is a China-based personal computer manufacturer. It famously was a main sponsor during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

The shares could come at a discount of up to 4 percent.