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Scott Credit Union customers may need new debit cards

Some customers of Scott Credit Union will need to get new debit cards after a problem at another company may have compromised their cards.

Visa notified the metro-east credit union that a small number of SCU credit cards may have been included in a data compromise at an unnamed merchant not affiliated with Scott Credit Union, according to chief marketing officer Adam Koishor.

“We, like most financial institutions, will close and reissue cards to protect our members whenever there is a risk of data being compromised,” Koishor said. Koishor clarified that Scott Credit Union itself had not had a data breach.

As of this week, Scott Credit Union employees are calling customers whose cards may have been affected. Customers whose cards were impacted will need to come into a branch office to have the old card shredded and a new card issued.

The number of patrons affected was not available. Koishor declined further comment.

Elizabeth Donald