Business Briefing: Dish Network trying to block Charter-Time Warner merger

A competing company believes a merger between Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable would create an unfair advantage and harm the cable TV market.

The St. Louis Business Journal reports that Dish Network has filed a petition asking that the Federal Communications Commission deny the merger on the grounds that it would create a “suffocating duopoly.”

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More consumers bought cars and clothes and went out to eat last month. However, the Commerce Department also reports that overall retail sales lagged, rising only 0.1 percent between August and September amid low gas prices. In that span, car purchases jumped 1.8 percent, while restaurants witnessed a 0.7 percent increase in spending and clothing retailers saw a 0.9 percent increase in sales. Read more here.

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Lower energy costs have led to falling prices for manufacturers and farmers and other producers in September. The Labor Department has reported the consumer price index dropped by 0.5 percent last month. Learn more here.

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Toyota is planning to be mostly gas-free by 2050. The automaker has set a goal to sell only hybrids and fuel cells 35 years from now to reduce emissions. Find out more here.

— Will Buss, BND business writer