Highland News Leader

Devotional: Where is the love?

This question, more than any other, presses to be answered in our lifetime. Many people look fondly to the “good old days” citing a calmer, more peaceful time. However, closer examination of those times reveal that violence and tension were never too far from our daily lives. If we cannot look to the past, and we are concerned about our present, what does that say about our future?

Society, culture, values, and tolerance have all changed over the years. However, one thing that has never changed is love. I am not talking about the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan kind of love. I am referring to the love of life. How many of us wake up in the morning, thanking God for the new day, ripe with hope and possibilities? Truth be told, many wake up hoping they can just make it through the day.

Too often, we take life for granted, and in doing so, miss out on what could be a wonderful life. For instance, we hold onto a grudge, not realizing that failing to forgive makes us prisoners. As a result, when our hearts are filled with hatred, we have limited the ability to love. Forgiveness frees us from the bondage of hate.

It is difficult to talk about the state of the world without talking about the election. All I want to say about this historic election year: I’m not feeling the love. When I see what is happening in our state government, I’m not feeling the love. When I hear of yet another killing in our streets, I’m not feeling the love.

My prayer for the world is that we can come together and bring back the love. Without love, then we are truly lost. With the love of God as our guide, we are never lost


Rev. Jerry Amiri, senior pastor

Salem UCC, Alhambra