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Metro-east residents decide multiple tax issues

When metro-east residents headed to the polls on Election Day, they cast their votes on a variety of referenda in St. Clair, Madison and Clinton counties.

In Madison County, voters were consulted on three tax-related issues, including two advisories aimed at Springfield. Those living in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Hamel, Worden and Moro also voted on a school tax increase.

O’Fallon and Troy voters saw an advisory referendum related to property tax caps. In Glen Carbon, voters were asked about a sales tax increase.

Clinton County voters decided whether to incorporate a new village.

Tuesday’s results are unofficial. All but two precincts in St. Clair County had been counted as of midnight on Wednesday.

St. Clair County

▪  Advisory — O’Fallon property tax cap

Results (With 20 of 22 precincts counted.)

Yes: 12,382

No: 1,319

Madison County

▪  Advisory — Public hearing notices mailed prior to adopting a property tax increase

Results (With 225 of 225 precincts counted.)

Yes: 111,134

No: 10,961

▪  Advisory — State’s responsibility to fund education

Results (With 225 of 225 precincts counted.)

Yes: 113,025

No: 9,079

▪  County tax rate decrease to 0.20 percent

Results (With 225 of 225 precincts counted.)

Yes: 96,300

No: 25,469

▪  Advisory — Troy property tax cap

Results (With 10 of 10 precincts counted.)

Yes: 4,639

No: 353

▪  Advisory — Glen Carbon sales tax increase

Results (With 14 of 14 precincts counted.)

Yes: 3,436

No: 3,375

▪  Edwardsville Community Unit School District No. 7 tax rate increase to 2.70 percent

Results (With 49 of 49 precincts counted.)

Yes: 13,388

No: 14,468

▪  Cottage Hills Fire Protection District tax rate increase to 0.40 percent

Results (With 4 of 4 precincts counted.)

Yes: 405

No: 363

▪  Fosterburg Fire Protection District special tax not to exceed 0.05 percent

Results (With 8 of 8 precincts counted.)

Yes: 1,594

No: 708

▪  Godfrey Fire Protection District special tax increase to not more than 0.10 percent of the value of all taxable property in the district

Results (With 16 of 16 precincts counted.)

Yes: 7,201

No: 2,214

Clinton County

▪  St. Rose incorporation

Results (With 1of 1 precinct counted.)

Yes: 168

No: 82

Madison and Clinton counties

▪  Aviston Elementary School District No. 21 tax rate increase to 1.37 percent

Results (With 6 of 6 precincts counted.)

Yes: 679

No: 685