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Devotional: Truth is fundamental

One afternoon, the members of a health club assembled for a meeting on nutrition and exercise. The dietician leading the discussion asked each member in turn to describe his or her daily routine. The first participant admitted to a number of excesses, including overeating. Others joined in agreement. But one seriously overweight member reported, “I eat heathfully and moderately. I drink moderately, and I exercise frequently.”

“I see,” said the dietician. “Are you sure you have nothing else to tell us?”

“Well, yes,” said the man. “I also lie extensively.”

It is a blatant lie when what we live contradicts what we claim. It is a blatant lie when there is a vast difference between what we say we are and how we actually live our lives. (And do we really think our friends can’t see the difference? Do we really think people don’t know what the truth really is?)

As believers, we are supposed to be people of the truth. The Apostle Paul challenged the people of the church in Ephesus (4:25) to “lay aside falsehood and speak the truth each one of you with his neighbor.”

Truth is not just fundamental to the issue of honesty. Truth is fundamental to the issue of integrity, character, and dependability. Truth is not just a command from God. It is fundamental to who God is — and who His children should be. If we are supposed to show an unsaved world what Jesus is like, we have to tell the truth. He said, in John 14:6, “I am the truth.” You cannot truly reflect the character of Jesus Christ and not be a person who keeps their reputation spotless when it comes to living what we claim.

The old-time preacher H.A. Ironside said, “God forbid that we should traffic in unlived truth.”

Pastor Larry Wise

Highland Community Church