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Photos sought of Highland’s past Master Masons

Robert Suppiger was a past Worshipful Master of Highland Masonic Lodge 583.
Robert Suppiger was a past Worshipful Master of Highland Masonic Lodge 583.

Highland Masonic Lodge 583 is seeking your help. In just two years, the lodge will be celebrating its 150th anniversary. With the assistance of Voegele Photography in Highland, the lodge has been restoring its “Past Masters” photo display.

Listed below are names and years of men who served as Worshipful Masters of lodge during a particular year. They may be your father, uncle, grandfather or great grandfather or just a family friend. If you have a photo, in any condition, as an individual or even in a group setting, the lodge would love to include them in its display.

Contact David Hickey at (618) 651-8230 or Mike Voegele at (618) 654-7291, or feel free drop off your photo at the “Breakfast with Santa” on Sunday, Dec. 4 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Highland. If you do, Hickey will see that you get breakfast, and maybe even a photo with Santa.

Master Mason photos being sought

The following are men who served as past Worshipful Masters of Highland Masonic Lodge 583 whose photos are being sought, as well as the year they served:

▪ 1867, John Bevens (Marine)

▪ 1894, Henry Riniker

▪ 1900, Louis Metz

▪ 1901, Louis Blattner

▪ 1908, Adolph P. Mosimann

▪ 1911, John F. Montgomery

▪ 1912, Berns D. Tibbetts

▪ 1915, Michael Matter

▪ 1917, Henry T. Jost

▪ 1919, Lan W. Houseman

▪ 1921 Charles W. Hirschi

▪ 1924, Addison S. Clanton

▪ 1925, Albert Stocker

▪ 1927, Oscar Wiegreffe

▪ 1928, John M. Sutter

▪ 1933, Nicolas Fenaez

▪ 1936, Vernon Shields

▪ 1939, John J.L. Bettag

▪ 1953, Thomas Paulett

▪ 1960, John E. Langhans