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Incumbents will all be running unopposed for Highland city goverment

The mayor, clerk, treasurer and two council posts are all up for election this spring in the city of Highland. However, the results are as good as in already.

All the incumbents currently serving in those posts filed petitions to seek reelection. And no one is going to be running against them.

Highland Mayor Joe Michaelis would be the first mayor in the city’s history to win a fourth term.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 11 years so far as serving as mayor for the community. It’s been a pleasurable experience. I like being responsive to people’s needs. Everyday is a different challenge,” said Michaelis in a previous article for the News Leader.

Councilman Rick Frey was first elected in 2014.

“This will be my second full term. I want to continue to work on the city’s infrastructure,” Frey said. “The council has been doing that. (We’ve) upgraded utilities for the past four years and I want to continue in that direction. We have good services here.”

Frey said he loves serving on the council.

“I like coming to the meetings. During the week, I study what’s coming up so I can make the right decisions,” he said.

Just a few chairs away from where he sits, another familiar political figure is hoping to continue making her mark on the city.

“I want to make sure the budget can continue in a valid financial position,”said Councilwoman Peggy Bellm, who has been on the council for a decade. “For instance, I don’t want to raise the (electric) rates, but we have to do it. It affects me and the rest of the council. This is the third time I’m running. I’ve been in this for 10 years.”

Bellm said it’s a job she takes seriously.

“It’s a responsibility for caring about the city,” she said. “I care about this city. I could live anywhere in the world, but I choose to live here in Highland.”

City Clerk Barbara Bellm will be seeking a sixth term.

“I’ve been doing this since 1996,” Bellm said. “I want to run again, because city government has always interested me. I like watching how the political system works, and I’d like to see myself doing this for a very long time.”

City Treasurer Dennis Foehner, who in finishing up this third term in office, originally told the News Leader he would not be seeking re-election. However, the ended up filing a petition.