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SNIP Alliance to hold spay/neuter clinics throughout Madison County

SNIP Alliance (Spay-Neuter Illinois Pets), a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation and thus the destruction of healthy animals, will hold monthly spay/neuter clinics throughout Madison County. Sites include Edwardsville, Collinsville, Bethalto and Alton.

Sandra Eaves, executive director, said it is the responsibility of all pet-owners to have this life-saving surgery performed on all of their pets.

“I was ignorant about the benefits of spay/neuter surgery and lost a beloved German Shepard to testicular cancer back in the ’70s. This was especially heartbreaking when I learned it was preventable,” Eaves said.

Spay/neuter surgery for male dogs and cats lengthens their life-span and drastically reduces the chance or testicular cancer and prostate disease. For female dogs, it reduces the likelihood of ovarian, uterine, breast cancer and pyometra, a female infection that requires emergency surgery.

Also, statistics show that one unfixed female dog and her offspring can have 67,000 puppies in only six years, Eaves said. One unfixed female cat and her offspring can have 66,088 kittens in about six years, Eaves said.

While eligibility for the clinics is determined through grants and donations, the SNIP Alliance is currently scheduling for pet owners that are Madison County residents and are on either social security disability or food stamps; low-income pet owners (income $20,000 or less for single or $32,000 for married) with no residency requirements; and individuals feeding outdoor community cats or barn cats. Co-pays vary for each program ($40-$30 for dogs and $30-$20 for cats). A rabies vaccination must be given at the time of surgery unless the owner has proof that their pet is up to date. The vaccination is free, but $10 is collected for the county rabies registration fee.

In addition, the RiverBend Pet Food Pantry opened in April to aid families during times of financial difficulty by supplying pet food and kitty litter on a monthly basis. The goal is to keep the pets in their home, where these belong. More information and applications can be found on RiverBend Pet Food Pantry website or on the RiverBend Pet Food Pantry Facebook page.

Appointments are already being made for January 2017. Call 618-550-7647 to schedule. More information can be found on our website at snipalliance.org.