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Devotional: No more failed resolutions

When do you think about fixing a leaky roof?

When it’s raining.

We smile about that illustration, but it’s so true in many ways. When do you think about these things?:

▪ Seriously putting money away for retirement (when we’re almost ready to retire);

▪ Changing our eating habits and exercising (after a heart attack or being diagnosed with diabetes);

▪ Spending more time with our kids (when we realize our time with them is short);

▪ Working on our marriage (when our mate wants a divorce);

▪ Investing ourselves into the lives of others (when a close friend dies).

I think you get the point. We consider real change when we’re in the midst of trouble. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We all know New Year’s resolutions seldom bring lasting change. Would you like that to change this year?

Instead of waiting for trouble or tragedy to motivate you, resolve to seek outside help in making changes. Weight loss and increased exercise happen when you join a group who cares about you and holds you accountable. Retirement plans are better when someone else takes the money out of your paycheck and invests it. Relationships can be improved through the aid of a counselor. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard someone I’ve counseled say, “I don’t know why I waited so long?”

Our church offers a full array of biblical counseling at no cost — or you can check out your church for help.

Asking for help is always the hardest step. Everything gets easier after that. If you’re wondering if we could help you, start with an email and ask us questions about your marriage, family, anxiety, depressions, addictions, or whatever. Lasting change can happen.

Pastor Mark Gause

First Baptist Church of Alhambra