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Highland uses sirens, cell phone alerts to warn of severe weather

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Highland was missed last week by severe storms that ravaged other parts of Illinois. But it should serve as a reminder that spring is upon us, and with it tornado season.

The city of Highland has an early warning outdoor siren system to alert residents of impending danger. Here’s when you will hear those sirens going off:

▪ A tornado has been sighted or indicated by radar within a 15-air-mile radius of Highland or Grantfork, and/or is tracking toward Highland or Grantfork.

▪ A severe thunderstorm is reported in the 15-mile radius or tracking towards Highland/Grantfork that has reported hail 1 inch or more in diameter or damaging winds of 58 mph, maximum sustained winds not wind gusts.

It should also be noted that the city of Highland does not sound an “all clear” tone.

If you hear the siren, what should you do?

If you hear the tornado warning, you should listen to what it’s telling you. Take these precautions:

▪ Go inside right away.

▪ Take shelter in the basement or an inside room.

▪ Remember, the emergency alert siren is intended for outdoor notification. Don’t expect it to notify you of weather conditions while you are indoors.

▪ Turn on a radio or television to hear the latest weather information.

▪ It’s recommend that you purchase and include a NOAA weather alert radio as part of your emergency weather plan.

Get alerts on your phone

The city of Highland also puts out weather and other warnings via its CodeRED system.

You can sign up for the alters via the city’s website or at city hall, 1115 Broadway.

CodeRED will send notifications directly to your phone(s) of weather-related activity, and you can also sign up to receive community-related issues, such as boil orders.

CodeRED is a free service provided by the city of Highland.