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Highland announces Youth Author winners

The Madison County Regional Office of Education will host the 27th Annual Young Authors’ Conference to honor the young authors of Madison County. This year’s conference will be held at Edwardsville High School 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 29.

The purpose of this conference is to recognize student authors for their success in writing stories and poems during the 2016-2017 school year. Approximately 400 students in kindergarten through eighth grade, representing both public and private schools throughout Madison County, are involved in this event.

Highland participants will include:

▪ Highland Primary: Abram Taylor and Henry Williamson (kindergarten); Jonah Heil, Caleb Knobloch and Joshua Knobloch (first grade); and Luke Schaible and Catelyn Schrage (second grade).

▪ Highland Elementary: Rick Wang and Lilah McCall (third grade); Joshua Athmer and Myla Wheat (fourth grade); and Madison Hunter and Sophia Feldt (fifth grade).

▪ Grantfork Elementary: Jack Grotefendt (fifth grade).

▪ Highland Middle School: Joanna Fogg and Grace Hanvey (sixth grade); Lauren Herman and Bryce Knackstedt (seventh grade); and Autumn Meyer and Abigail Bowers (eighth grade).

This year, storyteller and author Oba William King Bob will be the featured presenter. He is “The Poetic Storyteller,” a phenomenal performer, showman and consummate entertainer. He brings stories, poetry and cultural songs to life through his interactive, dynamic presentations. His most significant influence in the art of storytelling came as a result of his sojourn to Benin, West Africa, resulting in solo performances to share and celebrate his original anthem, “I Love My People.” His recent books include “Firefly and Little Star,” a storybook for young readers and “R.E.A.D.,” which is designed for pre-teen youth.

The 43rd annual Illinois Illinois Young Authors Conference will be held May 20 in Bloomington-Normal.

Highland participants will be Joshua Athmer (fourth grade), Bryce Knackstedt (seventh grade) and Autumn Meyer (eighth grade).

The Illinois Young Authors’ conference is a celebration of the written work of children in kindergarten through eighth grade. The purpose of the conference is to support classroom teachers in their efforts to encourage and improve students’ abilities in writing, reading, listening and sharing, and to recognize the accomplishments of young authors. All children in kindergarten through eighth grade, including those in special programs, are encouraged to participate.

In the spring, young authors selected by their local schools and districts will be invited to attend a one-day statewide conference where their books will be read, discussed, and affixed with the official seal of the Young Authors’ Conference. The Young Authors’ Conference will emphasize language as a vehicle for communication with others. In small groups, children will be encouraged to share ideas with noted children’s authors, educators, and other young authors. Adults who accompany children to the conference will be invited to a session designed to further their insights into children’s writing.