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Be attentive to God’s gifts and give him praise

Ah, spring! The beautiful, glorious season we’ve all been longing for is finally here.

The abundant richness and beauty of nature surrounds us everywhere, calling out to us, “Stop! Be attentive! Give praise to God!”

Recently, I happened to be in the vicinity of Eckert’s Orchard and was blessed to see hundreds of fruit trees in bloom. A cloud of pink blossoms was suspended between branches and sky as far as my eye could see — it was absolutely breathtaking. I had to stop, be attentive and give praise to God.

Spring, indeed, gives us ample opportunities to pray with nature, to be attentive to the masterwork of God so abundantly present there and to offer Him grateful praise. We may look to St. Francis, patron of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis, as an example and role model in our prayer. In his last months of life, though ill and nearly blind, he composed the beautiful Canticle of the Creatures. “Praised be You, my Lord, through our Sister Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruit with colored flowers and herbs ...” Francis prayed, as he rejoiced in God’s marvelous works.

This spring, let’s follow the example of Francis. Be attentive to the warmth of the sun’s rays on your face, the cool breeze that blows the last of the fallen leaves aside to reveal sprouts of green — be attentive and feel God’s gift — and praise God. Be attentive to the bird’s song that awakens the dawn and rouses us from slumber — be attentive and praise God. Be attentive to the smell of the rain, refreshing and clean, as it waters the earth — be attentive and praise God.

Our prayer will not only give praise to God, but will shape our hearts and open our minds to all that God so generously provides, filling our days with gratitude and joy.

Jeannie Korte, manager

St. Joseph’s Hospital Spiritual Care