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Hardware store starts selling Hallmark products

A Highland hardware store will be selling Hallmark greeting cards along with its nuts and bolts.

Rick’s Ace Hardware, located at 2645 Northtown Way, is inviting the public to the grand opening of its new Gold Crown Hallmark store.

“Well really there is not anything else like this in town,” said store manager Jim Leonard said. “There were a couple of other Ace Hardware stores that tried, and it went over very well.”

Leonard said that this is more or less a “soft” grand opening for the Hallmark section. The section actually opened about a month ago, and Leonard said that the store has already seen a positive outcome.

The section will carry seasonal holiday items, according to Leonard. He said the store already has inventory for Easter, Mother’s Day, baptism-themed decorations and much more.

“It’s kind of like a shrunken down version of a Hallmark store,” Leonard said.

While the store inventory does not carry everything Hallmark has, because it is a 300 square foot section, it does have access to all Hallmark products.