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HIASAA Hall of Fame nominee: Larry Mueller, Arts & Science

Larry Mueller was born to be a writer.

At the early age of 11, he published his first public works with a neighborhood newsletter with the help of a teacher and neighbor who could print it for him on a gel-on-canvas copier. He covered neighborhood events, as well as national, like the Joe Louis fights, including the Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling bout.

Mueller, who graduated from Highland High School in 1944, was born in a time when hunting was still a valuable life skill. His father’s love of hunting and his mother’s meticulous nature both aided in forming a son who is meticulous in researching his subject matter on hunting and fishing and any other subject of his interest.

Mueller, whose formal education is in electronics, has written 16 books on hunting, fishing and related subjects and has been featured in several books by other authors. He wrote the column “Hunting and Fishing with Larry Mueller” in the Highland News Leader and Belleville News-Democrat for 24 years and spent 24 years as editor and author writing the “Hunting Dogs” column, as well as featured articles, for Outdoor Life magazine. He authored numerous articles in various other magazines, such as Field and Stream and Sports Afield, and his articles have also been included in books and national publications, such as Gun Digest.

Mueller was once invited to be on the Johnny Carson show, but never one to seek the limelight, he politely declined. He was, however, interviewed by Clare Conley and secured his future as Hunting Dog editor and author for Outdoor Life magazine.

Mueller has hunted nearly every species of winged foul eligible for hunting, as well as every four-legged animal, plus poisonous snakes. His hunting excursions took him all over the United States, making the people he wrote about famous in their own right.

Mueller, a World War II Navy veteran, is always an ethical hunter and has great respect and admiration for nature. During much of his life, he has had a kennel of four to five dogs of a variety of species that have reflected his hunting interests. He has written several articles on dog health, dog supplements to increase health and intelligence, dog genetics (before it was popular) and kind, appropriate training methods that encourage dogs to be their best. Mueller is writing his 17th book on selecting and breeding highly trainable hunting dogs using genetic information.

Mueller’s books are available on Amazon.com. His book “Bear Attacks of the Century,” published in 2005, was featured on the ABC-TV series called “In An Instant.” The program was a recreation of a man who was attacked by a grizzly bear who had read Mueller’s book, remembered survival tips and used them to protect his severe wounds. The cover of the book was shown in the episode.

Mueller is a respected writer and is often asked to review a book, inspire a title, write an introduction or forward for other books, and he is a professional photographer.

He has been awarded the title of “Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels” by the governor of Kentucky, highest honor awarded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The colonels are Kentucky’s ambassadors of good will and fellowship around the world. Colonelships are commissioned for an individual’s contributions to his community, state or nation, and for special achievements. He is a “colonel” amongst others such as President Lyndon B. Johnson, Winston Churchill, John Glenn, Muhammad Ali, Betty White, and Elvis Presley, just to name a few.

Other Arts & Sciences category nominees are Highland music teacher Lori Ruebhausen and Highland art teacher Pat Imming.

HIASAA Hall of Fame Voting Procedures

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Who can vote? Any alumni of any school within the boundaries of the Highland School District or any employees of these schools. Need not have graduated from school, just attended. To be able to vote, alumni or employees must be a paid member of HIASAA.

How do I become a member? Go to the association website highlandilalumni.com. There is a place to register online and an option to use PayPal to pay your dues. Or, you can send the application and a check to HIASAA, 400 Broadway, Highland, IL 62249. Membership dues are $10 per year, $40 for a five-year membership, or $100 for a lifetime membership. All memberships are for the calendar year, starting Jan. 1.

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