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Devotional: You are not alone

One would think that, given all our daily activities, busyness of life, abundance of entertainment and plethora of opportunity, we would be living in the most fulfilling time in human history.

As we march forward fully embracing various technologies — not to mention social media — it is reasonable to expect that we humans would be finding full satisfaction each and every day. But I have noticed a strange phenomenon: the more “connected” we are the more disconnected we may feel.

I’m not just talking about technology here, although it definitely plays a part, but you might find yourselves in a room full of people yet feeling utterly alone. What is going on if that is true?

The Bible tells us that as created beings we are made to be in relationship. In fact, in Genesis 2:18 God Himself says, “It is not good for man to be alone.”

While we know this was His assessment for one individual human before creating a “suitable helper,” might not this still be true for us today?

It is not good for a human to be alone.

If you think more deeply about the story, God had surrounded one human with all the creation He could imagine, and yet, something was still missing — another person. We ought to take heed of this reality in our modern lives. We were not made to be alone.

So what might we do about it?

First, I believe we can acknowledge when we are lonely — that is, when we are feeling alone.

Second, we can place ourselves in environments and circumstances that improve the chance of us not being alone.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, we might open ourselves up to the possibility — indeed the risk — of knowing someone else deeply and being known by them as well. This kind of relationship takes time, courage, grace and love (among a thousand other things). Yet, it is in this delicate, life-giving space that we find how deeply correct God’s assessment of our condition truly is.

You are not alone.

Pastor Bill Dempsey

Family Bible Church