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Devotional: God’s footprints are all around for us to see

“Dad,” asked Tom, looking up from his homework, “how do you know there is a God?”

“Why do you ask that question? Do you doubt the existence of God?” the father asked.

Tom answered, “No, but one of my teachers said we could not be sure that there is a God. Is there any way to really know?”

Tom’s dad explained, “Well, do you remember the other day when you were laughing about Robinson Crusoe’s dismay about discovering that there were other people on the island besides himself? How did he know? Did he see them?

“No, he discovered one footprint in the sand, and he knew it could not have been his own. He knew that only another human being could have made it and that because the tide had not reached it yet, that person could not be far off. His knowledge was gained from a mark in the sand.”

Romans 1:19-20 tells us that all we have to do is look around us at creation and we can know that something bigger than man exists. We can see the “footprints” of God all throughout creation.

When you look at the diversity of animals, when you look at the intricacies of plants and flowers and trees, you have to admit that it would take a whole lot of faith to believe that all this just happened. It would take a whole lot of faith to believe how many years it would take for all of this to have happened by evolution. Just imagine how big the Earth is. Just imagine how big our universe is. Just imagine how small some of Earth’s creature are, yet they are distinct and unique from all the other creatures on the Earth.

Which would take more faith? To believe that all the things that are around us happened as a result of one big explosion or one gaseous blob or to believe that there is a God who is big enough and creative enough to do all of this by design?

That footprint had to come from somewhere. Although Robinson Crusoe had not seen a human being on his island, the evidence was there. He could not deny it.

And then, when I accept by faith that a God might be there, that is the beginning of worship.

Pastor Larry Wise

Highland Community Church