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Firefighters train for semi truck accidents

Difficult extrications were part of the training.
Difficult extrications were part of the training.

Highland-Pierron firefighters were given a unique training opportunity Sunday, June 25. Along with firefighters from Highland Fire Department and St. Rose Fire Protection District, those who attended the training were shown how to make access to patients in difficult extrications, particularly with semi trucks involved.

ADR Towing brought out a tow unit and demonstrated how their resources could benefit the responding department on an emergency.

Firefighters were also given the opportunity to train on a semi cab, learning how to make access to the sleeper unit, jacking the cab up for patient access, and cribbing heavy vehicles. Different tools were available to compare their success for each situation.

Jason Bange with HPFD organized the training after attending a class in Indianapolis, Indiana earlier this year and brought back some new ideas.