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A look at the families of Louis and Leo Steiner

This photo shows the Leo Steiner family. Front row are Carol (Steiner) Suess Bottum, Leo Steiner, Aline (Niggli) Steiner, and Lois (Steiner) Riepshoff; back row, Dori (Steiner) Neumann, Earl Steiner, David Steiner, Vernon Steiner, Alvin Steiner and Margery (Steiner) Wiesemann.
This photo shows the Leo Steiner family. Front row are Carol (Steiner) Suess Bottum, Leo Steiner, Aline (Niggli) Steiner, and Lois (Steiner) Riepshoff; back row, Dori (Steiner) Neumann, Earl Steiner, David Steiner, Vernon Steiner, Alvin Steiner and Margery (Steiner) Wiesemann.

We started Steiner family columns on Dec. 17, and we still will have at least another column, following today’s column.

This column is about Louis and Leo Steiner, farmers in the Grantfork area. These Steiner columns follow my columns that I had written on Jan. 9, 11, and 15, 2007, just 11 years ago. How time flies.

This time, we are not listing the children and grandchildren of Louis and Leo, unless they live, work or farm in the area. I’m sure we have missed some, so please accept my apology. Send any correction to be added to my files by emailing me at Harlo6@sbcglobal.net. Thanks.

Louis Steiner family

Louis Gottlieb Steiner (1900-1993) was the son of Gottlieb and Elise Ambuehl Steiner. Louis, in 1922, married Louise Emelia Meffert. Louis and Louise farmed in Section 23 of Leef Township, then retired to Grantfork, where he became mayor of Grantfork for several terms.

Louis and Louise had five children.

▪  Edith Steiner, in 1943, married Elmer Ruehrup. Elmer was a veteran of World War II. He then became manager of the Alhambra elevator. They had Ruehrup Dairy Farm from 1968-1986, a family operated dairy, delivering milk to Alhambra, Marine, Grantfork, New Douglas, Litchfield and Hillsboro.

They had five children who also worked in the dairy and lived just north of the “Tower” at Alhambra, on Dauderman Road. Judith Ruehrup (David) Nagel farmed in the area, then moved to Cleveland, where Judith died in 2011. Faye Reuhrup (Clarence) Brown farmed; Faye was also a teacher and assistant principal at Highland Middle School. Marilyn Ruehrup (Howard) Eyman lived in rural Alhambra, and Marilyn worked at Alhambra Care Center. Joyce Ruehrup (Timothy) Adefanya worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 45 years. (I spelled her married name wrong in my 2007 column. This is a correction. Sorry.) Jane Ruehrup (Ron) Mriscin is now retired. (Thanks to Edith and her daughters, Faye and Joyce, for additional information.)

▪  Milton Steiner, in 1951, married Dorothy Bode. Milton served in World War II and the Korean War. Milton was a mechanical engineer and worked at Southwestern Bell in St. Louis, but they lived in Highland. Milton also served many years on the Highland Home board, just like his grandfather, Gottlieb Steiner. Milton was the drive behind the construction of the first addition to the Highland Home’s 1912 building. (Lorna and I are now living in that north addition, built in 1969. Our apartment was originally three separate, one-room apartments with baths and kitchenettes. Now we are in a three-room apartment, No. 42.)

Milton had four children. Kay Steiner (1952-1987), in 1973, married James Kerin. Kay died in 1987, and Jim lives in Highland. Paul Steiner married Laurie Manwaring. Paul is an optometrist in Greenville and Laurie has The Giving Tree in Highland. (Thanks, Dorothy.)

▪  Walter Meffert Steiner, in 1952, married Betty Miener. They are retired farmers and live in Section 23 of Leef Township and had five children.

▪  Lillian Steiner married Leonard Niggli. They farmed north of Grantfork and had five children: Janet Niggli (Ron) Hunsche of Highland, Barbara Niggli (Tom) Eberhart of Highland, Sandra Niggli (Michael) Leitschuh of rural Highland, and Lillian Steiner Niggli, who married Gene Daiber and they now farm in Marine.

Leo Steiner family

Leo Alvin Steiner (1908-1986), in 1928, married Aline Niggli. They farmed and lived on the home place in Section 2 of Saline Township. They had eight children.

▪  Margery Steiner in 1950 married Walter Wieseman; they had farmed at Dorsey, then owned Wieseman Sales and Auction Center, just north of Grantfork. They have four children, including Craig (Jennifer) Wieseman of Highland.

▪  Vernon Steiner in 1955 married Lois Gause; they farmed in rural Pocahontas, east of Grantfork, and have four children. Brenda Steiner Priesmeyer, of Millersburg, is now head cook at the Highland Home.

▪  Alvin Steiner, in 1956, married JoAnn Suess. They farm their own farm on the original Steiner farm in rural Pocahontas, east of Grantfork, and have two sons. Wayne (Norma) Steiner of Highland is with First Collinsville Bank of Highland. Carl Steiner of Highland was with Cooper B-Line. Then was transferred to California for Cooper B-Line.

▪  Carol Steiner (Duane) Suess and their two children were formerly of Highland. Duane Suess is deceased, and Carol married Robert Bottum. He is deceased, and Carol lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

▪  Doris Steiner, in 1959, married Marvin Neumann. They farmed and live in rural Pocahontas on Meffert Avenue. They have two sons. Darrell Neumann farms in rural Pocahontas and is owner of a Pioneer seed corn sales business on his farm.

▪  Earl Steiner, in 1962, married Betty Witschie. Earl is now deceased and was retired from the U.S. Postal Service, serving at Highland and then was postmaster at Gillespie, then Greenville. Earl was “Mr. Highland Lions” for many years, as he was a charter member. He also did much for his church and the Sunday school. They have two daughters. Dawn Steiner of Highland is a Highland Elementary special education teacher, and Lori Steiner (Dave) Miscik of Highland is the Highland Elementary School principal.

▪  Lois Steiner, in 1960, married Orville Riepshoff Jr. They farm in Leef Township, Section 21, along Illinois 160. They have four children, including Gail Riepshoff (Brad) Voss of Highland. Brad had ABC Towing but is now retired. Suzanne Riepshoff (Rick) Rode formerly farmed at Alhambra.

▪  David A. Steiner, in 1967, married Audrey Grotefendt, Earl’s daughter. They farm in rural Alhambra and have three children.

(Information from the Beck-Reinemer Family Tree by Elva Beck, Glenn Meffert, Edith Ruehrup, Faye Brown and Joyce Adefanya, Milton and Dorothy Steiner, Laurie Steiner, Betty Miener Steiner, Vernon Steiner, Craig Wieseman, Wayne Steiner, Doris Neumann, Earl and Betty Steiner, Lois Riepshoff Jr., JoAnn Steiner, Wayne Steiner, and David and Audrey Steiner.)