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Letter to the Editor: Every life is precious

Dear Editor,

Recently, we became reacquainted with a wonderful mother named Angel, who six years ago decided to let her unborn child live. When we first met outside the Granite City abortion clinic, Angel was distraught and thought she couldn’t possibly handle another baby. Added to this the abortion clinic staff had her convinced to the point that they wouldn’t let her leave that day until she agreed to return the following Tuesday to start the late term abortion.

At the time we were still standing in the alley and walked with her to the car, all the while speaking in love and offering to help her with another way. “I know it’s hot, but would you like to see a picture of our baby?”

She was reluctant and her driver was in a hurry and couldn’t have cared less about a baby. But I held out my hand and Angel finally accepted and came into the hot van. Tthat’s when the love story began between Angel and her baby.

To fast forward, we fought hard for that little boy inside our hot tamale ultrasound van, but God won.

It turns out that Angel knew the Lord; her daddy was a pastor.

We ended up helping her with bunk beds for the other kids and supplies and a crib for the baby. We later celebrated Angel at our banquet, where we got to meet her family. It was awesome.

But years later, things began falling apart with Angel’s new boyfriend. She was in a mess and had forgotten her way. Lost and feeling she was at a breaking point, Angel was sitting in a room with a loaded pistol in her hand. She was crying: “I can’t take it anymore.”

Angel took the gun to her temple, and took a deep breath and began to pull the trigger when her cell phone rang. It kept ringing. She finally grabbed it with her other hand and answered.

On the other end a small voice said: “Momma, I love you. I will see you again.”

It was the baby we saved inside our ultrasound van a little over six years ago.

Angel choked up and started crying. She put the gun down. The phone was dead, but after a good long cry, Angel got herself together, because all she needed was a touch from the Lord.

Imagine, God used her saved baby son to save her life and to remind her and others how precious life is. She asked Jesus back into her life and realized that this was only a test of her faith. She may have felt all alone when she going through the storm, but was God with her.

And so, on Mother’s Day, a special thank you to all the women who are lovingly raising their next generation of heroes, and a reminder to all that every life is precious and can be an instrument of God so very needed in these dark days.

Angela Michael, director

Small Victories, Highland