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July's Yard of the Month has over 80 different container planters

Explore the garden that claimed Yard of the Month in July

Video: One of the winners for the July Yard of the Month explains the inspiration behind the garden, located at 65 Barracuda St. in Highland. The yard sports over 80 colorful container planters.
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Video: One of the winners for the July Yard of the Month explains the inspiration behind the garden, located at 65 Barracuda St. in Highland. The yard sports over 80 colorful container planters.

The hard work has paid off again for Pat and Willie Frey, as they have been named the Yard of the Month for the second time with their home at 65 Barracuda Drive in Highland.

"It makes me feel very honored," Pat Frey said.

The Freys have stolen the show with their sleekly styled Spanish home, which is bedecked with beautiful ironwork accents. But, while Willie does mow the lawn, the Freys said that Pat does the majority of the garden work, because of tricks and traits she got from her grandma.

"It's like a painting only you are painting with flowers," Pat said.

The property's large lot is surrounded by a manicured lawn, many beautiful berms, large mature trees and colorful container plantings. Pat said that the yard has over 80 container plants, which she said is her secret to easing into a elaborately decorated yard.

"I'm pretty proud of my containers," Pat said.

Hanging baskets with red begonias, a Japanese maple and interesting pottery can be viewed from Sycamore Street bordering the side of the home.

Traveling down the Frey's street will gain visitors a view of the mature trees, the gazebo and the many colorful annuals planted in containers on the patio. Guests are then greeted b bright red begonias in the mailbox planter as they pull into the driveway.

An iron gate opens onto a bright courtyard courtyard near the front door. Upon departing the courtyard, visitors can flowing the Frey's winding sidewalk to take a tour of the yard, where the first stop is the Frey Gazebo.

The gazebo is surrounded with hanging baskets filled with ferns and is bordered by a berm with a dry creek bed made of river pebbles. A red flowering vine climbs an iron trellis and interesting pottery and containers fill out the berm.

A magnificent dawn redwood is just one of the trees that graces the Freys' landscape. Other trees in the landscape include Japanese maples, oaks, arborvitae, honeylocust, ginkgo, magnolia and dogwood.

The next stop on the tour is the patio, where a large concrete planter filled with more red begonias, tropical and annual plants. Beautiful ironwork hanging baskets hold red geraniums, and a multitude containers filled with colorful annuals and vines adorn the patio helping onlookers feel as if they are on a tropical vacation. One large pot also holds a ensete tree.

"I want to tell anyone who wants to come can walk the little sidewalk and check it out, because you really don't see what's up here," Pat said.

How to become the Yard of the Month

Your yard could be the next Yard of the Month winner. Nominations can be submitted by calling the Chamber of Commerce, 654-3721, emailing Penny Korte at the Chamber office at penny@highlandillinois.com, visiting the Chamber Office at their new location at 1216 Main St., or contacting any Highland Garden Club Member with the name, address and phone number of the nominee.

Judging eligibility and criteria includes: All residences, including houses, apartments, townhouses, villas and condominiums within Helvetia and Saline Townships are eligible. Entries must be received by the 15th of the month. One entry per household will suffice for the season. Yards nominated for Yard of the Month should display visual attractiveness, the yard being judged must be visible from a public street, alley, path or sidewalk and must display general curb appeal.

Creativity, such as personal touches in yard art, bird baths and feeders, etc. Originality is unique while maintaining cohesiveness with the neighborhood. Beautification, brings your house above the rest must improve the look of the home and overall neighborhood. Overall Maintenance, which includes well maintained grass, trimmed hedges, flowerbeds, etc.

Recognition includes A Yard of the Month sign from the City to be displayed in the winner’s yard for one month, a certificate signed by the Mayor Joe Michaelis, $25 gift certificate from the Highland Chamber of Commerce, a membership in the Highland Garden Club for the season and an engraved garden award tone from the Highland Garden Club.

Barb Stallard of the Highland Garden Club provided information for this story.