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Merwin, Albert & Ida Stoecklin Merwin family information, plus the Steiner connection

Alfred Merwin, from his granddaughter Betty Merwin Pinkel.
Alfred Merwin, from his granddaughter Betty Merwin Pinkel.

The Peter D. Merwin Family lived in Saline Township, Section 20, on the southeast 120 acres. Their farm was on the west side of the Grantfork Road (today Illinois 160) was just one Section south of the Kaufmann School. Peter D. Merwin farmed his land in Section 20 and devoted a portion of his time to the carpenter’s trade.

Peter Merwin and his first wife had six children. Peter Merwin’s wife Emilie Reynolds Merwin died in 1876, she was the daughter of Reuben J. and Maria Thorp Reynolds and the granddaughter of James E. Reynold, who owned the east half of Little Silver Creek, which is now Silver Lake, Silver Lake Park and Holiday Manor subdivision. (James E. Reynolds was also my third-generation great grandparent.)

In 1877, Peter Merwin married Miss Sophia Walter, the daughter of Franz and Cecelia Buchmueller (Buchmiller). Peter and Sophia had only one son, Edgar Garfield Merwin, on July 5, 1879. (We will cover Dr. Edgar G. Merwin in next week’s column.)

George Steiner and his wife, Verena Meier Steiner, and their family owned 40 acres in Section 16 of Saline Township, on the east side of Illinois 160; it was located just east and behind the 80 acres of the Mrs. Anna Ginos farm, which they probably farmed and later purchased.

George & Verena Steiner’s daughter, Sophia Steiner (1854-1937), in 1874, married Leonard Stoecklin Jr. Their children were Ida Stoecklin (Merwin) and Edward Stoecklin. (Gertrude Stoecklin Rikli’s father was Edward Stoecklin, and they were covered in last week’s column, so I will now cover, Ida Stoecklin (Mrs. Albert) Merwin this week.)

The original Steiner farm was later farmed by their granddaughter, Ida Stoecklin Merwin, and her husband, Alfred Merwin. They farmed for many years, and their children went to Kaufmann School, west and a little south of their farm. (Albert Merwin’s farm was located just one farm north of present day Interstate 70 and on the east side of Illinois 160. Kaufmann School was on the west side of the Grantfork Road, now Illinois 160.)

Albert Merwin (1876- 1931) and Ida Stoecklin Merwin (1875-1962) had two sons:

  • Elmer Merwin (1901-1941), who married Olga Emma Hug. They had no children.

  • Felton H. Merwin, (1902-1978) married Elda Matter, the daughter of Edmund and Marie Matter Sr.

Albert Merwin family genealogy I have is by Betty Merwin Pinkel of Grantfork. It includes Dale E. Merwin (1935-2000), formerly of Caseyville; Maria Ida Merwin Holdener of Utah (who was here last week and visited the Highland Home Museum, with her Highland area family); Glenn A. Merwin (1941- 2013) of Fairview Heights area; Betty S. Merwin Pinkel of Grantfork, who called for a tour of the Highland Home Museum, as her sister Maria of Utah, was coming to Highland.

Betty called the same day that I was writing this Merwin column, but just didn’t have enough information to finish the column. Betty filled in the blanks, and you can see the results. Thanks loads, Betty.

Roy Felton Merwin (1949-2013) lived in the Alhambra area, and he was one of the Country Companies representative in the Highland and Alhambra area. Roy Merwin’s daughter, Dana Merwin Brindley, and her husband Christopher and have twins, Faith and Vance, plus Dana’s brother Robert Felton Merwin. These Merwins visited the Highland Home Museum on July 13.

Albert Merwin was threshing at his farm, it was very hot, Albert had gone down to the ‘Holzinger Creek’ to cool off and didn’t return. He had drowned, July 7, 1931. His widow, Ida Stoecklin Merwin moved into Highland and lived with her mother, above her brother’s Leo Stoecklin’s Tavern, at 9th & Cypress.

Robert Steiner (1886-1967) and Ida Schwend Steiner took over the George Steiner farm, where Merwins had lived. Robert Steiner farmed this farm for many years. (Robert Steiner is listed in the 1950 Madison County Plat book and the same farm is listed in 1977 as, “Robert Steiner ETAL” and into retirement.)

Robert Steiner’s had four children, including: (4-1) Erna Steiner Voegele Bailey, formerly of Alhambra; (4-2) Ruby Steiner Becker Mosby Cruthis; and (4-3) Cletus Steiner, who married Jenny Welchlen. Their daughter is Mrs. Judy (Allan) Luehm and their son is Larry Steiner. Judy has verified that I have it correct about Robert and Ida Steiner being the owners of the original George Steiner farm.

More of Robert Steiner’s brothers and sisters:

  • (3-3) Herman Steiner (1887-1966)

  • (3-5) Mary Steiner (1891-1973) married Leo Plocher and their four children: Celia Plocher Deimling Drake and her son Laverne Drake, Richard Plocher married Lucille Koelz and their two sons, Darwin and Dennis Plocher, Irene Plocher (Alfred) Siegrist and their two children, Wayne Siegrist and Donna Siegrist (Danny) Suess

  • (3-6) Ella Steiner (Nelson) Muellerand their two daughters, Viola Mueller (Alvin) Deibert, Jr. and son Alvin Deibert, Jr. and Gelee Deibert (Charles) Spies of Old Ripley

(Quotes from Beck-Reinemer Book, Viola Mueller Deibert, Esther Casper Baumann; Merwin, Reynolds, Thorp genealogy by Roy Worstell, Merwin information by Betty Sue Merwin Pinkel, Judy Welchlen (Allan) Luehm and my files.)