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Madison County Health Department to hold training for volunteers during National Preparedness month

Madison County Health Department is recruiting volunteers to assist during times of emergency or disaster.

Local volunteers are encouraged to Get Involved — the 4th pillar of preparedness — during National Preparedness Month in September. National Preparedness Month reminds everyone that we need to prepare in case of an emergency.

Visit www.Ready.Gov for ideas, resources, checklists on how to Build A Kit, Make A Kit, Be Informed, and Get Involved.

Become A Volunteer

Madison County Health Department is offering residents an opportunity to get involved by becoming a Volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). On September 12, Madison County Health Department is hosting a Volunteer Orientation Training. There is an opportunity for everyone to help! No medical experience necessary. The MRC is seeking people 18 years of age and older with a variety of backgrounds and interests.

Madison County MRC has recently expanded its volunteer opportunities. When residents become a Madison County MRC Volunteer, they will continue to receive orientation, training and exercises for responding to public health emergencies but now they will also be able to volunteer their time, skills, and talent to help with other non-emergency related health department opportunities.

“We want to have volunteers who are prepared to prevent disease and protect the public’s health,” Cathy Paone, Madison County Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Coordinator with the Health Department, said. “It is critical to our emergency response. We also want our volunteers to be able to engage in other capacities as volunteers to help impact the health of our residents on a daily basis.”

“Our volunteers will be prepared to protect and promote the health and welfare of Madison County residents.”

Madison County MRC will be holding a Volunteer Orientation Training on Wednesday, Sept. 12, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Madison County Health Department, 101 E. Edwardsville Road, Wood River, IL. Volunteers will learn about the MRC, Public Health Emergency Response, Strategic National Stockpile, Incident Command System, Points of Dispensing and Family Preparedness. To attend the Sept. 12, 2018 Volunteer Orientation Training, contact Cathy Paone, Madison County Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Coordinator at 618-296-6096 or cmpaone@co.madison.il.us. Advanced registration is required to attend the training. Seating is limited. Registration deadline is Wednesday, September 5.

“I have always found people in Madison County to be generous of spirit and giving of selves,” Paone said. “During this National Preparedness Month, the Madison County Medical Reserve Corps is asking residents to, once again, come forward and help us prepare to promote, protect and assure conditions for optimal health for our citizens.”

Madison County MRC is part of the Gateway Volunteer Network (GVN) in the bi-state area (Missouri and Illinois). It is a collaborative effort to bring people volunteering for public health emergencies together into one group to increase communication and build a stronger network of volunteers to increase our ability to respond in emergencies. Visit www.facebook.com/gatewayvolunteernetwork for more information and click on the Learn More Save Lives tab to sign up for information about volunteer opportunities in your community.

To learn more about the Madison County Medical Reserve Corps, visit www.madisonchd.org and click on the MRC tab in the left column.

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