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Hometown boy runs for circuit judge

Little did people know that when David Dugan was born north of Godfrey, Ill., he would rise to prominence in the Madison County legal profession. Judge David Dugan, a “home grown product,” is a 40-year resident of Madison County. From humble beginnings, Dugan was the first person on both sides of his family to attend college. His father worked at Illinois Glass Works and his mother was a stay-at-home mom.

Upon graduation, Judge Dugan practiced law in East Alton and Edwardsville for over 30 years. In addition to successfully representing numerous private clients, Dugan also served as a part-time state’s attorney and as an appointed public defender. Compassionate, Dugan provided free legal counsel to numerous not-for-profits in Madison County. Due to a distinguished career, Chief Judge Lloyd Karmeier of the Illinois Supreme Court chose Dugan to fill a circuit court vacancy. Judge Dugan, a Constitutionalist, believes his job isn’t to make law or policy, but to interpret current law to each case.

Judge Dugan is respected by lawyers from both political parties. Judge Dugan received the highest rating for suitability and integrity from layers that appeared before him in the Illinois State Bar Association judicial poll March 2018. (See ISBA.org Poll March 2018) In addition, the Illinois Civil Justice League voted him the only “highly recommended” Madison County Judicial Candidate.

Vote for David Dugan and help write another chapter in a “hometown success story.”

Philip W. Chapman, Highland