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Apple butter fund raiser in Alhambra

Rod Knackstedt stirs the apple butter as Ken Tudor adds the spices.
Rod Knackstedt stirs the apple butter as Ken Tudor adds the spices. Provided

Hitz Home Apple Butter Fundraiser

Volunteers came out in the chilly morning to help the Hitz Auxiliary make and bottle 267 pints and 31 quarts of apple butter.

Monday morning, 21 women and three men gather in the dining room to begin peeling and cutting the apples. Wednesday morning the cooking began with volunteers, 18 men and 10 women stirring, flavoring and bottling the apple butter. Many of the residents at the home helped also.

The Hitz Auxiliary will sell the apple butter for $5 per pint and $9 per quart. Call Hitz Memorial Home Activity department at 618-488-2355 to purchase.

PTO Scrip Fundraiser

The Center Schools are selling gift cards again this year. These cards are available for hundreds of the area businesses and many online services.

There are no fees for the cards. Buy them at face value for any amount you wish to purchase. The PTO will receive a percentage from each card sold.

To purchase gift cards, call Abbey Inlow 630-742-1713 or email inlow814@gmail.com

School News

Due to teachers conferences there will be no school Nov. 1-2. A Veterans Day Assembly is planned for Nov. 9 in the school gym.

Special Occasions


Nov. 2: Jim and Dawn Reagan

Nov. 4: Darrel and Karen Landolt

Nov. 5: Matt and Dondee Rex

Nov. 6: Brad and Teri Allen and Peter and Mary Babic

Nov. 7: Brian and Becky Becker, Jake and Katie Menendez and Kyle and Ronnelle Griffith


Nov. 1: Aiden Suhre, Chase McGee

Nov. 2: Dustin Phelps, Edith Ruehrup, Randy Olive, Zach Schlechte and Cassidy Cecco

Nov. 3: Shanna Uhe and Madelyn Trauernicht

Nov. 4: Matt Reckmann, Zach Gieseking,Tonia Bowers, Buddy Warfield and Darrin Reinhardt

Nov. 5: Becky Martin, Michael Sidwell, Lonnie Casper, Kathy Brink, Michael Ernst and Deb Reckmann

Nov. 6: Gene Lienemann, Debra Goestenkor, Jed Schlechte and Gary Boda

Nov. 7: Betty Steiner, John Mindrup, Eric Zobrist and Fred Stumpf

Nov. 8: Denise Grandame