Highland News Leader

Letters to the Editor

The purpose of this report is to provide information and ensure government transparency.

Finance Committee: Budget The Finance Committee met to consider the budget Oct. 10, 15 and 19. The original administration proposal called for a 1.5 percent increase to the levy. I stated I would oppose and stop any such increase. I helped eliminate padded portions of the budget by almost half a million dollars. Spending is now estimated to match receipts. The budget reflects a desire to repair buildings neglected by the previous administration.

Township Meeting, Oct. 25: I spoke to the Township Meeting at Pin Oak Township. I presented information on “How to Lower Your Property Tax Bill,” how implementation of the Binding Referendum to Eliminate the County Recorder’s Position could lower taxes, how the approval of the non-binding Bond Referendum could lower debt by sending a message against “backdoor referendums.” I answered questions about the recent bipartisan resolution ensuring all townships using the County Assessor’s Office would pay full price for services. Many thanks to Judy Zimmerman for the invitation.

Planning and Development: An upcoming request for a zoning change of a parcel in the Highland area off Final Drive is a hot topic right now. I’ll be looking to hear the neighbors’ opinions concerning this proposal.

Election Day, Nov. 6 – Please Vote: Your vote counts. Please don’t throw away your vote. Voting is your God-given right to express your opinion. For over two centuries, hundreds of thousands of service members fought and died to protect our First Amendment right. Let’s use it. If you haven’t already, get out and vote.

Philip W. Chapman, County Board District Three