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Healthy meal service to open kitchen in Highland’s Downtown Square

A new eatery, focused on healthy meals, is set to open in Highland’s Downtown Square next month.

Lyfe Kitchen is the brainchild of co-owners Josh Leckrone and Brendon Delaney, a local personal trainer and caterer. They started their work together last April, starting Cygan-Delaney Meals, a weekly meal-ordering service that focused on healthy foods.

Delaney, whose family has owned Cygan-Delaney Catering for generations, said the duo currently serve more than 250 meals a week through the meal service. When the property at 1007 Washington Street became available, he said the two decided to open a storefront.

Lackrone is a personal trainer at Pule Personal Training gym, where he works as a weight loss specialist. He said with Delaney’s skills in catering and his understanding of dietary needs and healthy meals, the two have created a healthy choice for customers in Highland.

Currently, their menu for weekly meals exists at the Cygan-Delaney Meals website, where eight to 10 meals are offered on a rotating basis. When the kitchen opens, all of those meals will be offered in store.

The kitchen will serve all the food the online service currently offers, including Cygan-Delaney Catering classics, protein smoothies and shakes and more. Meals include Atkins, Paleo, gluten-free and Keto options as well.

Lunch specials also will be offered, as well as family-sized portions. All meals are made for eating in or carry out.

Lackrone said the kitchen’s name, Lyfe, stands for love your food everyday. He said it’s a main pillar of his and Delaney’s business. That’s why the pair are also planning on offering cooking classes in the building’s brand new kitchen.

“We’re trying to make this not only just a healthy food place where you can get food,” Lackrone said. “But also a culinary center. We want to get involved with every aspect of the kitchen with people.”

Lackrone and Delaney said while Highland has plenty of great restaurants, they’re looking forward to being the only that focuses solely on healthy, diet-based meals.

“There’s plenty of good places to eat in Highland but we’re looking at the healthier end of things.,” Lackrone said.

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