Highland News Leader

Devotional: Each moment you are living is a gift

Our youngest graduated from college last month. Our oldest is getting married this month. I am wondering where all the time since they were toddlers has gone!

I recall so many mornings, well before the sun had arisen, when our son would run into our bedroom and jump onto our bed. I remember the hours I spent listening to our daughter practice the same cello pieces over and over. I recollect all the time spent driving one or the other to parties and ball games and tai chi lessons and choral concerts and doctors’ appointments.

When our first was born, someone warned us that the days would be long, but the years would be short. He was right. I’ll admit that I sometimes begrudged the longest of those days. But now I miss them.

The psalmist prays that God would “teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.” (Psalm 90:12)

As we look back, we can often see how each and every day, in good times and in difficult times, has been a gift. We can get stuck in that nostalgia for the past, or we can learn from it to move into the future. We can learn that this moment here and now must also be a gift. This very day is also a gift to be shared generously for the sake of all those whom God loves.

Rev. Tim Darmour-Paul

Grantfork UCC