Highland News Leader

Letter to the Editor: Biathlon interfered with Memorial Day services in Highland

Dear Editor,

Shame! Shame!

It’s such a shame that whoever planned the bike race on Memorial Day does not know the history of this day.

There is always a program at the Highland City Cemetery to remember our veterans. I tried four ways to get there before I finally made it. Because of the bicycles race, all ways were “off limits” to traffic. Poor planning! Many turned around and did not attend.

To go to the cemetery is a tradition since just after the Civil War. Couldn’t the bike race have been scheduled at a different time?

If the planners don’t know why we set aside a day to honor our veterans, I suggest a history class by teacher and speaker of the day at the Memorial Day ceremony, Joel Hawkins. His sons did a good job of explaining the meaning of Memorial Day during the dedication of the Veterans Honor Parkway. Take a lesson.

Jeanette Hammel