Highland News Leader

Tip of the Hat: New Douglas Memorial Day service was wonderful

I would like to compliment the American Legion Tobias Bilyeu American Post 10 in New Douglas on the wonderful service for Memorial Day.

Very nice pamphlets were made for this event, and I really appreciated the one that has all of the veterans that are buried in the New Douglas Cemetery and the St. Ubaldus Catholic Cemetery.

Thank you to Rick Aholt, Mary Rosenthal, Kathy Spencer, Walter and Viola Butler for all the work that they have put into restoring part of the building. The room that is close to be completed is beautiful. It makes me so happy to see another one of our historical buildings being restored instead of letting it deteriorate and be torn down.

A big thank you to the Gus Rosenthal family for supporting this project.

Thank you to the Girl Scouts for supplying snacks and helping to clean the building after the service.

It was wonderful to see the nice crowd that came and participated in the service.

Barbara Bassett

New Douglas