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9-year-old serves as ‘mayor for the day,’ oversees Highland City Council meeting

Highland briefly had a new mayor for the first time since 2005, and she was only 9 years old.

Brier Engelmann’s parents, Sean and Julie Engelmann, won a raffle prize at St. Paul School that allowed their daughter to serve as “mayor for the day,” and Brier wielded the gavel at the June 17 meeting beside elected Mayor Joe Michaelis.

“Believe me, I need the help up here,” Michaelis said as he introduced the new mayor. “She’s a fine young lady and to be honest, I want her involved, because I don’t think any of us can say for sure if Brier won’t be the mayor someday.”

Over the course of the lengthy meeting and discussion, Brier not only opened the meeting and led the pledge, but she introduced each item of business and greeted the speakers, calling for questions and votes.

At one point when the council members missed their cue, she prodded them, “I need a motion.”

Brier let the elected mayor handle his own votes, however.

After calling for the vote to adjourn and declaring the meeting closed, Brier said being mayor was fun, and her favorite part of the job was rapping the gavel.

And will Brier eventually run for office? Probably, she said — and it will likely be for mayor.