Highland News Leader

Devotional: Stop the rage

Many know I try to post a new Scripture verse each day on Facebook.

I want to share a recent post here.

“Given the current pain in our land over the recent tragedies in South Carolina and elsewhere, we now are hearing frantic cries for solutions to our problems. From this preacher’s point of view, a big part (make that the main part) of the answer is, we have neglected the source of stability in society.

“We have left out our moral compass… the Lord Jesus Christ. We no longer react to insults or anger as Jesus did. Rather, increasingly society is demanding personal rights over love and forgiveness. The anger thermometer continues to escalate throughout society.

“If you doubt that think for a moment about simple issue as road rage. What is the reaction on both sides of road rage? This general attitude in our world will only continue and even escalate. This cancer can be stopped only by using an outside source — Jesus Christ.

I offer only one verse from God’s book — and a place to begin — for us as individuals and society as a whole.”

“He who pursues righteousness and loyalty, finds life, righteousness and honor.” (Proverbs 21:21)

Hurray for the citizens of South Carolina who, at this writing, are attempting to allow Christ to minister to their citizens, providing proof, that Jesus Christ can make a difference.

Pastor Leonard Pye

Faith Baptist Church