Highland News Leader

Letter to the Editor: State’s future hangs in the balance of budget battle

Dear Editor,

Political titans are battling in Springfield. Economic reformer Gov. Bruce Rauner faces political boss and insider House Speaker Mike Madigan. Illinois’ future hangs in the balance.

The outcome determines whether the state will become financially responsible. Gov. Rauner seeks to balance the Illinois budget by reforming spending. He follows 10 years of Democratic rule. Mr. Madigan’s leadership brought a stagnant economy, heavy debt, and a $100 billion unfunded pension liability.

Recently, Mr. Madigan stated his No. 1 priority is the state’s budget deficit. Mr. Madigan’s statement seems ludicrous. He served as the architect of the current economic malaise and state’s debt.

Madigan’s words appear as political double talk. Madigan actively supports a $4 billion budget deficit. As father of our country, George Washington stated: “The way to reduce debt is not to incur new ones.”

Speaker Madigan recently called Gov. Rauner an “extremist.” To his credit, Gov. Rauner refuses to cave in to Speaker Madigan’s political hard ball.

May I suggest the Democratic, upstate super majority policies seem extreme? Their misplaced faith in socialist ideology and deficit spending destroys business opportunities, drives people and jobs from the state, and has resulted in a $100 billion unfunded pension liability. As food stamp and public welfare rolls soar, unemployment statistics seem to improve only because many citizens have quit looking for work.

Speaker Madigan’s failed socialist policies merely make people co-dependent upon a broken government.

I wish Gov. Rauner success.

Philip W. Chapman